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Language and Reading Comprehension Conference

Language and Reading Comprehension Conference



LARCIC Conference Presentation Slides - NEW

Panel 1: Cognitive Processes in Reading Comprehension

1. Language Skills, Fluency, and Reading Comprehension in Immigrant Children
Esther Geva and Fataneh Farnia (OISE/University of Toronto)

2. Reading Comprehension in Immigrant Children in the Netherlands: A Search for Individual Differences
Ludo Verhoeven (Radboud University, the Netherlands)

3. Discussion: Reading Comprehension in L1 and L2: Similarities, Differences, and Cross-Language Transfer
Xi Chen (OISE/University of Toronto)

Panel 2: Instructional Issues in Reading Comprehension

1. The Development of Reading Comprehension Skills in Children Learning English as a Second Language
Linda Siegel (University of British Columbia)

2. The Language – Achievement Connection Implications for Instruction of Immigrant Children
David Francis (University of Houston, US.)

3. Discussion: Are Different Instructional Approaches Required for Immigrant Students? What Do Teachers Need to Know?
Alexandra Gottardo (Wilfrid Laurier University)

Panel 3: Socio-Cultural Factors in Reading Comprehension

1. The Intersection of Cognitive and Sociocultural Factors in the Development of Reading Comprehension among Immigrant Students
James (Jim) Cummins (OISE/University of Toronto)

2. Prise en compte de la diversité linguistique en milieux scolaires plurilingues : l’Éveil aux langues et la compréhension de texte (Taking into Account Linguistic Diversity in Pluralistic Educational Context : Development of Language and Text Comprehension)
Francoise Armand (University of Montreal)

3. Discussion: What Are the Implications of Socio-Cultural Factors on Enhancing Reading Comprehension in the Multilingual Classroom?
Ludmila Schwartz, (Hebrew University, Israel)

Panel 4: Policy Implications on Reading Comprehension

1. Adopting Construct Valid Assessment of Reading Comprehension for Immigrant Students: Implementing Assessment Policy Based on Research
Elana Shohamy (Tel Aviv University, Israel)

2. Promoting Reading Comprehension in a Second Language: Policy Implications of Research Evidence
Petra Stanat (The Free University of Berlin, Germany)

3. Discussion: Do Educational Policies Reflect Research Findings on Immigrant Children's Literacy and Reading Comprehension?
Zohreh Zadeh (Canadian Council on Learning)
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