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Browse Title Index

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ELPUB2008 A rapidly growing electronic publishing trend: Audiobooks for leisure and education Abstract
Jan J. Engelen
ELPUB2008 A review of journal policies for sharing research data Abstract
Heather A Piwowar, Wendy W Chapman
ELPUB2008 A Semantic Linking Framework to Provide Critical Value-added Services for E-journals on Classics Abstract
Matteo Romanello
ELPUB2008 A Semantic Web Powered Distributed Digital Library System Abstract
Michele Nucci, Michele Barbera, Christian Morbidoni, Daniel Hahn
ELPUB2008 Advancing Scholarship through Digital Critical Editions: Mark Twain Project Online Abstract
Lisa Schiff
ELPUB2008 African universities in the knowledge economy: a collaborative approach to researching and promoting open communications in higher education Abstract
Eve Gray, Mark Burke
ELPUB2008 AudioKrant, the daily spoken newspaper Abstract
Bert Paepen
ELPUB2008 Autogeneous Authorization Framework for Open Access Information Management with Topic Maps Abstract
Robert Barta, Markus Wilhelm Schranz
ELPUB2008 Brazilian Open Access Initiatives: Key stratagies and actions Abstract
Sely Maria de Souza Costa, Fernando César Lima Leite
ELPUB2008 Business school researchers' attitudes towards open access and institutional repositories: a study on user acceptance and user behavior. Abstract
Turid Hedlund
Saray Córdoba, Rolando Coto
ELPUB2008 Consortial Use of Electronic Journals in Turkish Universities Abstract
Yasar Tonta, Yurdagül Ünal
ELPUB2008 Creating OA Information for Researchers Abstract
Peter Linde, Aina Svensson
ELPUB2008 Enhancing the Sustainability of Electronic Access to ELPUB Proceedings - Persistent Identifiers as a Mean for Long-term Dissemination Abstract
Bob Martens, Peter Linde, Robert Klinc
ELPUB2008 Exploration and Evaluation of Citation Networks Abstract
Karel Jezek, Dalibor Fiala, Josef Steinberger
ELPUB2008 Global annual volume of peer reviewed scholarly articles and the share available via different Open Access options Abstract
Bo-Christer Björk, Annikki Roos, Mari Lauri
ELPUB2008 Institutional Repositories: A New Channel for Open-Access Journals Abstract
Tim Tamminga
ELPUB2008 Interpretive Collaborative Review: Enabling multi-perspectival dialogues to generate collaborative assignments of relevance to information resources in a dedicated problem domain. Abstract
Peter Pennefather, Peter Jones
ELPUB2008 Issues and challenges to establishing institutional repositories in academic and research institutions in Nigeria Abstract
Gideon Christian
ELPUB2008 Joining Up 'Discovery to Delivery' Services Abstract
Ann Apps, Ross MacIntyre
ELPUB2008 Keyword and metadata extraction from pre-prints Abstract
Emma Louise Tonkin, Henk L Muller
ELPUB2008 Modeling Scientific Discourse - Shifting Perspectives and Persistent Issues Abstract
Anita de Waard
ELPUB2008 NewGenLib - an open source Integrated Library Management System (ILMS) from India Abstract
Jai Haravu
ELPUB2008 No Budget, No Worries: Free and Open Source Publishing Software in Biomedical Publishing Abstract
Tarek Loubani, Alison Sinclair, Sally Murray, Claire Kendall, Anita Palepu, Anne Marie Todkill, John Willinsky
ELPUB2008 Open Access Citation Rates and Developing Countries Abstract
Michael Norris, Charles Oppenheim, Fytton Rowland
ELPUB2008 Open Access in Bulgaria: An Overview Abstract
Milena Dobreva, Nikola Ikonomov
ELPUB2008 Open Journal Systems: Working with Different Editorial and Economic Models Abstract
Kevin Stranack, John Willinsky
ELPUB2008 Open Scholarship eCopyright@UP. Rainbow options: negotiating for the proverbial pot of gold Abstract
Elsabe Olivier
ELPUB2008 Preserving the scholarly record with WebCite(R) ( An archiving system for long-term digital preservation of cited webpages Abstract
Gunther Eysenbach
ELPUB2008 Publishing scientific research: is there ground for new ventures? Abstract
Panayiota Polydoratou, Martin Moyle
ELPUB2008 Publishing with the CDL's eXtensible Text Framework (XTF) Abstract
Kirk Hastings, Martin Haye, Lisa Schiff
ELPUB2008 Research Impact of Open Access Contributions across Disciplines: Abstract
S M Shafi
ELPUB2008 Scalable electronic publishing in a university library Abstract
Kevin S. Hawkins
ELPUB2008 Scholarly publishing within an eScholarship framework - Sydney eScholarship as a model of integration and sustainability Abstract
Ross Coleman
ELPUB2008 "Should University Presses Adopt An open Access [Electronic Publishing] Business Model for All of Their Scholarly Books?" Abstract
Albert N. Greco, Robert Michael Wharton
ELPUB2008 Social Tagging and Dublin Core: a proposal of new metadata elements deriving from Folksonomies. Abstract
Maria Elisabete Catarino, Ana Alice Baptista
ELPUB2008 Synergies, OJS, and the Ontario Scholars Portal Abstract
Michael Eberle-Sinatra, Lynn Copeland, Rea Devakos
ELPUB2008 The IDRC Digital Library: an open access institutional repository disseminating the research results of developing world researchers Abstract
Barbara Joan Porrett
ELPUB2008 The MPEG Query Format, a new standard for querying digital content. Usage in scholarly literature search and retrieval Abstract
Ruben Tous, Jaime Delgado
ELPUB2008 The Role of Academic Libraries in Building Open Communities of Scholars Abstract
Kevin Stranack, Gwen Bird, Rea Devakos
ELPUB2008 The SCOAP3 project: converting the literature of an entire discipline to Open Access Abstract
Salvatore Mele
ELPUB2008 The state of metadata in open access journals: possibilities and restrictions Abstract
Helena Francke
ELPUB2008 Web Topic Summarization Abstract
Josef Steinberger, Karel Jezek, Martin Sloup
ELPUB2008 Wikiroutia, the free route guide Abstract
Bert Paepen
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